Larry A. Van Fleet
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Larry A Van Fleet Bio

The guitar and I: I was gifted a 6 string acoustic "Stella" (approx. 1962) at age 13...(see photo-fortunately, I still have this gray tiger striped beauty..)...primarily self taught..began teaching guitar lessons at age 16 in local music store...Graduated in 72' with BFA from Univ of Nebr at Omaha (drawing & painting)there was no guitar major available at that time..later took : Master Classes with Charlie Byrd and Miguel Rubio.. drawn to the guitar by "Apache" (Jorgen Ingman) "Sleep Walk" (Santo & Johnny) and "
Walk, Don't Run" (The Ventures)..
Have contributed music to TV programs such as A & E History Bios (Keith Urban & Rosanne Barr), Dog the Bounty Hunter, & various other reality shows..
Contributed 7 cuts for 6 Bohemian Productions tribute album/CDs..produced by guitarist Brian Tarquin (2 x Led Zepplin, Hendrix, Clapton, Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughn during the mid 2000's...(note: drummer on all but 2 of my cuts was my Son Nate (he first played on the Jeff Beck tribute at age 15)...I was profiled in Dec 2008, issue of Premier Guitar (in a column authored by Mr. Tarquin)..I continue to write and record music for film and TV and my works are currently in the publishing libraries of Spider Cues, Perpetual Music Group, Editors Choice, HD Music Now..
influenced by nearly every guitar player that I have ever heard, but if I had to select a handful they would be: Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Charlie Christian, Mario Escudero, Sabicas, Blind Blake, John Willams, Alirio Diaz, Django Reinhardt and Ry Cooder